Welcome to Seven Ages Photography.

My interest in photography started some years ago as a hobby and this quickly developed into something much more - a passion. From that point on, every picture I took I would scrutinize and work on intensely to get the best end result possible.

This is an ethos I have extended into all the pictures I take - that each picture, each photograph, each canvas is treated as if it was going on display in my own home.

Stemming from my work as a doctor in hospital-based Paediatrics, I specialise in children's portraits and photography as I find it much more rewarding and satisfying capturing those special fleeting moments - the cheeky glimpse, the quiet giggle and the hysterical laughter - the photographs are silent, yet the emotion is felt by all.

The photo sessions themselves are either in your own home, or on location and last from one to two hours. The pictures are then available to view here on the website (accessed only by a unique username and password) after up to fourteen days from the session to allow you to choose the ones you would like to have processed.

I firmly believe the best prints should be available to you, but not at a premium. Photographs are timeless. They give a glimpse into life at any given point in time. They are our treasures to look back on and reflect on days gone by. But they are not and should never be thought of as simple money-making procedures.

It is with this in mind that I have set up my pricing structure - the sitting fee covers the time to take heart-melting images, then whatever prints or canvases you would like, are charged at affordable, realistic prices, as close to cost as possible.

And here's my promise: to treat your photographs and canvases with the same care as if they were my own, all at prices I would have no hesitation in paying.

Saqib Hasan,
Seven Ages Photography,
Glasgow, Scotland.

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Seven Ages Photography